The Parepare Jungle is a place filled with thick underbrush and many ruins. It is said to be ruled by King Ape, and is the only location in Monster Rancher 2 used for both errantries and expeditions. Two other bosses include Wild Saurian and Mad Gaboo. It is also interesting that Parepare contains a large stone statue made in the likeness of a "mammoth," or what is now known to be a Mamou.

It is located on the western edge of Bubalook Island, and in Monster Rancher 4, Phayne reads this about the Parepare Jungle in the library:

In the anime series, this is the jungle that the Searchers enter in Episode 59 and Genki is reunited with Allan and his Worms. They eventually reach the Parepare Resort.

The two most well-known jungles in the world are the Kalaragi and Parepare jungles. Parepare, now a resort area, is close to the sea. The exploration tours conducted there allow people to feel like real-life adventurers.
-"Modern Jungles," MR4


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