Penta is a penguin monster that is cute and energetic. At first glance one might mistake it for a Mocchi sub-breed, but it is actually its own primary breed. It was created for Monster Farm Online, but was unable to be implemented before it closed. It was later released exclusively in Monster Farm Lagoon and is one of the few basic breed monsters to have no sub-breeds.

Even though it is a penguin, Penta has quite a few electrical attacks. The plume on its head can act as a lightning rod to power its sudden bursts of energy. Most of its attacks are thunder-based.


Penta- is a prefix that means "five." This monster was named for the five points of its feathered tail. The first three letters also reference the bird "penguin".


Game Description Image
Monster Farm Lagoon Color Variants: Black, Green, Red, Yellow. Penta MFL


See here for a complete list of Penta Techniques.


For more pictures and screenshots of Penta, click here.

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