Pink Jam
Role Villain (formerly), Ally
Home Durahan's Iron Bird (formerly), Golem's Restaurant

Pink Jam is a Jell/Pixie monster and Durahan's first minion from his new collection that attacks the Searchers. He takes the place of Captain Jell after Durahan presumably has him done away with.

It is obvious that Gobi greatly enjoyed having Pink Jam around, probably because neither of them really had a heart to be a baddie anyway.

Season 3Edit

Pink Jam first disguises himself as a Muddy Jell and enters the Rookie Cup against Mocchi, trying to injure him in the battle. When that doesn't work, he runs off, leaving Mum Mew a note asking them not to look for him or the Jells.

They all set off on a journey to find a new cause, but it seems that everything they do fails. They are constantly turned away and chased for being baddies, so they eventually paint over their crests and pretend to be good. This only makes them feel more cowardly though, and Pink Jam takes to stacking rocks to ease his depression.

Eventually, they all get jobs working at a restaurant in ______, but while the other Jells exceed the expectations of _______, the manager, Pink Jam constantly messes things up until they are all fired. On their way to the next town, they accidentally meet the Searchers again, who befriend them and offer to share dinner with them.

It is then that Pink Jam is tempted to steal the Dark Disc from Holly and he feels so bad that he confesses the truth--they no longer want to be baddies. To prove it, the Jells help the Searchers defeat the Tombstone brothers, shattering their own crests in the process, and with them, Moo's dark power over their souls.

In the Japanese Version, it is shown in the ending that Pink Jam and the Jells now work for Golem at his newly opened Restaurant.


  • Jelly Spike
  • Jelly Top