A school of three scaly, aquatic monsters that eat flesh. They live in murky water. Its design stays relatively the same throughout the series.

Etymology Edit

Named after the piranha, a flesh-eating fish native to South America.


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 4 Pirahnikoro "The Pirahnikoro looks like the legendary Bichinoko creature. It was once really popular, but not so much anymore. If you really look at it, it's kind of cute..."
Monster Rancher DS Pirahnicolo "Have you heard of a creature called the Tsuchinoko? Apparently, it looks a lot like the Pirahnicolo, and used to be hugely popular. Its fame died down though, but aren't they cute?" Pirahnikoro MRDS
My Monster Rancher Pirahnikoro "It has even more glaring body coloration than the piranha. Be careful when feeding it, for it will just as soon chew on your fingers! It spends most of its time in murky water."


  • To obtain a Pirahnikoro in Monster Rancher 4, use
  • To obtain a Pirahnicolo in Monster Rancher DS, combine a Color Pandora (main) and a Naga (sub).
  • To obtain a Pirahnikoro in My Monster Rancher, use

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