The Pirate Dragons
Pirate Dragons
Role Allies
Origin Episode 13: Moo Revealed
Home Pirate Dragons' Lair
Game(s) Episode 13: Moo Revealed

Episode 14: Holly's Rescue

This is about the anime characters. For the monster itself, see Dragon.

The Pirate Dragons are a group of powerful monsters who united against Moo's reign of terror and helped the Searchers fight him on several occasions. It is never stated exactly how the group banded together, but their leader Falcon became familiar with Tiger at some point. It is possible that their groups crossed paths while stealing from people.

Because of its dry climate and lack of population in the southern region of Ancra Island, many breeds of Dragon make their homes there, which probably made forming his group much easier for Falcon. The Dragons' lair lies within a series of caves near the southeastern edge of the island, which is where Tiger takes the other boys to petition for help when Holly is kidnapped. After they help rescue her, the Dragons are kind enough to drop The Searchers and Pixie off on Bubalook Island.

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