A small foam monster composed of globes that revolve around each other using magnetism and gravitational pull. It does not have a beak like many other Duckens so it stays silent. It is exclusive to Monster Rancher 3, and is one of several celestial monsters, such as Milky Way, Planet, and Galaxy. Because of this connection, this may mean that it has Metalner ancestry.

Etymology Edit

So-named because it looks like planets on a mobile (a small model of the solar system).


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 3 Planekkun "This mystery monster is said to have been bathed in starlight for 1,000 years. Its secrets have yet to be revealed." Planekken MR3


  • To obtain a Planekken in Monster Rancher 3, use the DVD Apollo 13 (Collector's Edition).

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