Plante are squat, fern-like versions of Plants that seem more like frogs. Introduced in Monster Farm Online as enemy monsters and developed more in Monster Farm Lagoon. Some have conifer cones or flowers growing on their heads, while others have extra long legs that allow them to uproot themselves and hop along like birds.

For some reason, each Plante sub-breed has a second, more powerful form called "War Mode." Although the attacks and appearances stay the same, the defense levels are different because they're found in different areas.

Etymology Edit

The Japanese name for these monsters is literally the same word as the name for the Plant species (プランテ), but because some distinction needed to be made, it has been recommended that this species add a suffix to the end, such as -e or -o.


Game Name Description Image
Monster Farm Online Planto Non-playable Enemy Monster Plante
Monster Farm Lagoon Plante Non-playable Enemy Monster Plante MFL
Monster Farm Lagoon Plante (War) Non-playable Enemy Monster Plante (War Mode)


See here for a complete list of Plante Techniques.


For more pictures and screenshots of Plante, click here.

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