Role Villain
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English Voice
Janyse Jaud
Japanese Voice
Miki Nagasawa

This is about the anime character. For the monster itself, see Poison.

Poison is Durahan's second girlfriend in the anime series. Deceitful, prideful and a bit cowardly, Poison likes to watch others get their hands dirty, but believes herself to be above such things.

Poison in the anime is a contrast to her game counterpart; her shoulder-length bob is blue rather than capri blue, her eyes are black, her skin complexion is light peach instead of light tan and her tail is black instead of light tan to match her primary outfit in the games.

Season 3Edit

It is never revealed exactly how Poison met and fell for General Durahan, but their relationship is very similar to his and Lilim's from Season 2. Contrary to that ambitious and evil Pixie, however, Poison has an almost comic rivalry with Mum Mew, and provides some of the comic relief in the show. Also, unlike Lilim, and despite Mum Mew saying that Poison could betray General Durahan just like his previous Pixie girlfriend, Poison is completely loyal to General Durahan in every shape and form, never disobeying him or getting as ambitious as Lilim did. This is probably why General Durahan likes her, as he knows she won't betray him like Lilim did. She seems much more shallow than Lilim and maybe a bit more naive, and can sometimes be bit of a suck-up in order to earn favoritism from General Durahan, much to Mum Mew's ire. For most of Season 3 Poison simply spends time attending to General Durahan, but when his warriors fail time and again, he finally pushes Poison to go on missions with Mum Mew and Gobi to secure the Dark Disc. Eventually, after much failure, Poison, Mum Mew, and Gobi finally succeed in stealing the Dark Disc from the Searchers.

Eventually Poison's evil deeds catch up with her, and the newly revived Moo uses her energy to become the Ruby Knight. Only Suzaku is able to free her from the bind that she is in, and afterward she sees the error of her ways and decides to be good.


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