Poritoka is a famous White Suezo in the anime series, known to be one of the reigning champions of the Legend Cup competition. His fame has gained him great wealth, but his attitude is terrible, unlike his battle partner, Most, who is kind and fair.

In the Anime (Season 3)Edit

The Searchers first see him at the Legend Cup in Episode 50, but when they stumble upon one of his lavish summer homes in Episode 70, he taunts them, saying that Mocchi isn't worthy to be his opponent. This prompts Suezo to sneak into his house to watch him practice, but Poritoka and his Red Eye friends catch him and beat him badly.

Poritoka has mastered his teleportation, telekinesis and telepathy, so surprising him is almost impossible. His "Tail Attack" is usually used in combination with a tornado spin and his teleportation, so it is very strong and lightning fast. Suezo makes Mocchi practice all night, and when he is ready to enter the competition the next morning, Poritoka sneers at his bruises and bandages. The large, white Suezo gets in a few good hits before Mocchi falls, exhausted. But what Poritoka doesn't count on is the whole team sharing their energy with Mocchi, and in a cherry blossom burst Mocchi throws Poritoka off balance and blasts him out of the ring with his "Mocchi Cannon," winning the first round of the competition.

In the GamesEdit

Just like in the show, Poritoka is one of the contestants you have to beat in the Legend Cup competition in Monster Rancher 2 to beat the game.


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