This is about the anime character. For the monster itself, see Gordish.

Professor Goddish is a highly-intelligent monster that the Searchers encounter in the anime series. Although the monster breed name is Gordish in the video games, it was actually a mistranslation of the word "god-ish" and is pronounced this way in the anime.

Season 3Edit

The Professor and his colleagues have been searching for a sunken pirate ship for years, believing it to hold not only great historical significance, but also thousands of golds. Finally, their calculations lead them to _____ Bay, but after numerous trips to comb the waters in their submarine, the rest of the Gordishes give up.

By the time the Searchers happen upon him, the Professor is ready to call it quits as well. Only after seeing their determination to find the sunken Dark Disc does he get up the courage to make one more dive...and good thing, too! On the way down, they find the entrance to an underwater cavern in which the pirate ship rests!


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