Black Worm
Black Worm

A medium-sized breed of Worm with a jet black shell and bright red eyes. Its design stays the same throughout the games and the anime series, but a non-playable Worm in the Online series (Wham Rio) may be a remake of it.

The Blacks Worms appear in the anime series as Baddies, and their prevalence in the Trigonon Forest has gained it the nickname "Forest of the Black Worms."

Etymology Edit

Originally named for the fact that it is used to pull things, such as carts. Later named for its color. Its name in Japanese is Kurozazamu (クロザザム).


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 1 Pull Worm (Monol) "His sleek black shell makes him good at pulling things." Black Worm MR1
Monster Rancher 2 Black Worm (Monol) "This monster is used to carry heavy objects." Black Worm MR2
Anime Series Black Worm For the characters, see Black Worm Troops.


  • To obtain a Pull Worm in Monster Rancher 1, combine a Worm with any Tiger.
  • To obtain a Black Worm in Monster Rancher 2, use


For more pictures and screenshots of Black Worm, click here.

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