Purimo are squid-like monsters that may be a replacement for the Niton species. Some have spiked or spiral shells, and poisonous spines on the first set of tentacles. Others have no shells at all, just the soft, squid body. Because its body is made of clear, jelly-like material (almost like a jellyfish), most of its internal organs are visible. All seem to have an ink chamber inside their bodies that funnels out through their foreheads.

The basic Purimo breed has two long tentacles, two short tentacles and a sharp barb in the center sticking out of where its mouth would be.

Purimo can only be found as enemy monsters in Monster Farm Online and Monster Farm Lagoon, where their species was greatly expanded. They float above the ground but are generally more at home and more powerful in the water.

Etymology Edit


Game Description Image
Monster Farm Online Non-playable Enemy Monster PurimoMRO
Monster Farm Lagoon Non-playable Enemy Monster


See here for a complete list of Purimo Techniques.


For more pictures and screenshots of Purimo, click here.

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