Role Plot Device
Origin Monster Farm Lagoon
Home Yutatora

Quaoar is an elderly man who is elected to be part of the Eastern Elders' Guild as the representative from Yutatora.

After the disaster that destroys most of the continent, Quaoar is looked to as the high elder in charge of the resettlement situation. You can go to him for advice at the Guild Hall during Monster Farm Lagoon, and he is your opponent in the E-1 Class official battle in My Monster Rancher.

It is unknown whether he is a monster-human hybrid, or some other species of humanoid, but he has large horns and dwarfish features (possibly a hybrid from the World of Warp?). He carries a large wooden staff that is swirled at the top like a Niton shell.

His staff is the same staff seen as the symbol for the Intelligence battles in Monster Rancher Advance 2.

Monsters OwnedEdit

Debut Name Monster Description
My Monster Rancher Beaclon Beaclon Used in the E-1 Class Official Tourney.


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