Rema is a country that covers most of the peninsula of the Northern Continent, and is separated from the Nettle Kingdom by the vast territory of Brillia. Rema is widely unsettled, which may be why it was the easiest area for Moo to secure in his takeover of Pangaea. The kingdom was once ruled by Rio's father and was plunged into chaos when Moo's army defeated him, and the state of its current government is unknown. Its capital city is believed to be Alta Vista.

Rema is mostly covered in rainforest, which thins out into alpine woods as the terrain slopes up the Kamalaku Mountains. From the time the Searchers land on the continent in Episode 16 of the anime series (Hare announces they are in an area called "Rema," which is where the name came from), they spend up until the season 2 finale traveling across the country. The gameplay of Monster Rancher 1 and some of Monster Rancher 4 happens here.

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