This article is about the purebreed monster. For other uses of the word Salamander, click HERE.


A monster introduced in Monster Farm Online. It may be what Hare's original design looked like, as it appears to be a small hamster or mouse-like creature covered in white fur in Online and gray fur in Lagoon. They are arctic monsters which are popular with girls and known for being pampered. It is one of several monster breeds with the same name.

Their attacks seem to be mostly biting and swallowing attacks, as they can stretch their jaws and vacuum-suck things into their mouths (much like Kirby, the pink bubble-like character from the famed video game franchise). They can either shoot out the objects or swallow them completely. It also has quite a few fire-based attacks, which is strange for a monster that lives in the arctic.

It bears a strong resemblance to the hat that the Blizzarin wears and the covering worn by the Iecho, so perhaps these monsters hold the secret to its genetics...

Etymology Edit

In folklore, salamanders are generally associated with the fire element.


Game Description Image
Monster Farm Online Salamander MFO
Monster Farm Lagoon Color Variants: Aqua, Blue, Black, Gray, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow SalamanderMFO


See here for a complete list of Salamander Techniques.


For more pictures and screenshots of Salamander, click here.

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