Role Taxi Driver
Origin Episode 58: All's Fare in Love and Taxis
Home Marsh City
Game(s) Episode 58: All's Fare in Love and Taxis

Sandra is a taxi driver that the Searchers meet at the Patio. She offers to take them across the Nurse Wetlands for a discount price, but on their way they learn that her taxi is old and having a lot of performance problems. Furthermore, she threatens to strand them in the middle of the marsh if they refuse to pay her more, revealing the fact that she knew that they had recently won the M-1 Grand Prix and was after their money.

When the Jura Walls attack, however, Sandra is injured and after talking with Holly, decides to use her beat-up taxi (the last reminder of her father) to stop the Baddies for good.

Sandra's father was also a taxi driver, but he died several years before she meets The Searchers. He left her a pocket watch and his old taxi, which he hated driving. She tells Holly that he only did it to support her.

Sandra has an annoying habit of blowing bubbles with her gum and popping it in peoples' faces to upset them.


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