Sandy (Anime)

This is about the anime characters. For the monster itself, see Sandy.

The Sandys are some of Gali's most loyal followers, and serve as his personal attendants. They appear to be made of gold, and don't speak often.

Season 1Edit

Gali's Palace is full of Sandys that hide in the walls. When Mocchi tries to escape, they cause all kinds of mayhem, shifting the exit passageways to confuse him and even toppling over to crush him. The Searchers have to fight their way through many of them to escape.

Season 3Edit

One of Gali's Sandys resurfaces in Season 3, a friend of his former master. This Sandy reconnects with Gali after he is reborn, and together the two of them desire to become famous and powerful so they enter the Legend Cup competition as partners. Sandy is immediately defensive when they run into the Searchers, and seems like he might be interested in joining Poison to help the baddies again when she offers the opportunity. In the end though, he decides to help Gali fight against the Baddie.