This is about the anime characters. For the monster itself, see Scaled Jell.

The Scaled Jells are a fiesty bunch of baddies that seem to reform easier than some of the other Jell types. The Searchers blow them apart with ease, but their slimy bodies squish back together almost as fast as they can be torn apart, making it very hard to destroy them.

Despite being a harsh leader, Captain Scaled Jell has a problem with maintaining his body's constitution during times of heightened emotion, so when he gets angry or happy, his body begins to melt into a puddle of goo. Several times, his troops have to yell at him to whip him back into shape.

Season 2Edit

After they attack the Searchers, Pixie crashes the party and foils the Scaled Jells' attack. Consequently, they chase Pixie and Genki through the jungle, and the Scaled Jells finally think they have the upper hand when they combine their bodies in one powerful attack. But they should know better than to attack one of the Big Bad Four; although she is in pain and severely weakened, Pixie destroys them all in one powerful attack.


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