Aurora Coast
Besides the seven continents on the world of Pangaea, there are also several seas and oceans. Because of the lack of specificity in the games, all of them are simply referred to as "seas," even though they are far too large to be so.

Currently, there are four seas that are known:

Torble SeaEdit

This is probably the most-travelled ocean on Pangaea. It separates the lower half of the Western Continent from the peninsula of the Northern Continent, and encompasses the lower half of Bubalook Island, all of Kawrea and all of Age Island. It is known to be temperamental, but is usually warm and salty. It is referred to as the "Age Island Sea" in Monster Rancher 4.

This is the sea that the Searchers sail across on Captain Horn's ship in both the first and third seasons of the anime series. The Torble Sea is also home to a nasty whirlpool that is miles wide and appears at certain times of the year, making travel even more dangerous.

Murmouge SeaEdit

The Murmouge Sea separates the upper half of the Western Continent from the continental part of the Northern Continent, creating a narrow straight between them. It also encompasses the upper half of Bubalook Island and all of Aurora Island. The Searchers fly over this ocean on the backs of the Pirate Dragons to reach Bubalook Island in Episode 14 of the anime series.

The beautiful coast of Murmouge is an area that can be explored in Monster Rancher DS and Monster Farm DS.

Goat SeaEdit

The Goat Sea is a moderate ocean, separating the Eastern and Western continents and surrounding Antalya Island. It is the largest ocean on Pangaea, and is known for its calm seas and beautiful bays. It was named for the ancient Goat Bay that used to exist on the western side of the megacontinent. Many believe that ancient ruins still lie within its depths.

Sea of MistsEdit

The Sea of Mists is a dangerous place, known to have unpredictable weather and famous for the location of the third rise of the monster Moo. It was at one time a relatively small body of water that separated the peninsulas of the Northern and Eastern Continents, but has now come to include all of the islands that comprise the latter as well. This is where you spend much of your gameplay during Monster Farm Lagoon.