The Seed Sisters
Seed Sisters
Role Villains
Origin Episode 04: Eternal Worm
Home Tagi Jungle
Episode(s) Episode 04: Eternal Worm

This is about the anime characters. For the monster itself, see Weed.

The Seed Sisters are three Weed assassins who operate on Aurora Island for Moo. Their individual names are never stated.

Season 1Edit

The Searchers tangle with them in the forest, but after their first fight, Genki and Mocchi squash one of the Weeds with a boulder. From that point on, the two remaining sisters decide to be more cunning in their approach, manipulating Allan and his Worm into helping them capture Genki and his team.

After they obtain the mystery disc for Moo and feel that they have the Searchers at their mercy, they turn on Allan because he is a human. They try to convince his Worm to join them as well and help them get revenge on Genki for killing their sister, and on Allan for his harsh treatment of Worm. When Worm refuses, the two sisters suck the life out of him.

Genki and Allan promptly turn them into lost discs.


  • Toxic Pollen
  • Seed Gun
  • Life-Steal
  • Root Slap