Shiden MR4

A large bird monster that looks like a combination of Raiden and Ape, although this is unknown because it is exclusive to Monster Rancher 4 as a level boss.

At one time, it was a monster lord, king of a clan of Raidens, but apparently it has been hibernating for hundreds of years in the Togle Caves. When it wakes up, it begins absorbing the geonyte from the roots of the Mocks in the area, and Mockruji warns you that you have to stop it before it takes all of the energy. Its vast, shaman-like powers make it hard to beat, and its large shaman staff is a formidable weapon.


Shiden is a Japanese first name, but this character could also have been named for the shinobi Master Shiden from the Dead or Alive video game series, an older man who is still a spry fighter.


Game Description Image
Monster Rancher 4 Non-Playable Boss Monster Shiden

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