Shogun Mogi MR4
Shogun Mogi

A powerful breed of Mogi that dresses in imperial robes and has a tall dark hat that signifies its connection with the magical arts. Some believe because of its use of dark magic and its purple and gold robes that it is actually a remake of the Grandie, and therefore related to Joker.

Etymology Edit

A shogun was a hereditary military officer in Japan in olden times, usually appointed by the emperor. They often wore expensive ceremonial robes like this. One might argue that its name is a mistranslation of "Sorcerer Mogi," though.


Game Description Image
Monster Rancher 4 "Depend on it to guard the peace of the capital. It plans on taking classes on the the ancient art of Onmyodo soon; It just might be able to use it someday."


  • To obtain a Shogun Mogi in Monster Rancher 4, use the DVDs Spirited Away (Disc 1) or Monsters, Inc. (Collectors Edition, Disc 1).

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