In Monster Rancher EVO, monsters put on shows at the circus instead of participating in Monster Battles. Several things are different.

Melody StampEdit

Quickly press the O, ∆, or 👓 buttons to match the melody commands.

Usable TricksEdit

Displays the tricks that the monster can perform. The monster's main grouping will determine the tricks it can do.

Mode ChangesEdit

In Normal Mode, Julio can run around on stage under a spotlight and choose the tricks to perform. If he touches an Orcoro Egg, he will start One-Man Mode.

In One-Man Mode, Julio can plan his accordion to cheer on a monster's performance. There are three types of accordion performance. The kind he uses will depend on the trick being done. He can tell the type by looking at the color of the Orcoro Egg's nose.

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