A rich, female breed of Suezo that wears white powder and makeup on its face and has its black hair bound into a ponytail. It wears purple silk and carries a fan like a member of the Japanese gentry. It is one of the few monsters to reappear as a sub-breed in Monster Farm Travel.



Game Name Description Image
Monster Farm Travel Suecho "Due to its upbringing it is kind of spoiled. If it doesn't get its way, it throws a fit. Its butler always looks dumbfounded." Suecho MR3
Monster Farm Travel Suechiyo "[Suezo] derived species, rare monsters this time to introduce to everyone, have a pleasant appearance wearing a topknot 's] [Suechiyo! Glance of normal [Suezo] has painted face powder but I just had put a topknot, because likely "lord" prima facie, to give birth after all, where related to "castle" should play area I wonder? Oh, in the playback area, the breeder is using the way I'll be also related to the type of terminal, some people even in places [Suechiyo] is supposed to be born naturally, be careful because there is that monster of another kind is born!" Suecho MFT


  • To obtain a Suecho in Monster Rancher 3, use either the PSX game Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, or the DVD Disturbing Behavior (Second side).


For more pictures and screenshots of Suecho, click here.

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