Vanity MR2

A bright yellow, butterfly-like breed of Pixie, the counterpoint to the moth-like Night-Flyer. Sueko has probably undergone the most design changes of any Pixie. In Monster Rancher 1 and Monster Rancher 2, it had no wings and was covered in fur. Eventually, it gained butterfly wings and antennae, but it kept the blue prism throughout all of it.

There is a yellow variation of Pixie that appears in Monster Farm Online and Monster Farm Lagoon that looks like this monster.


Vanity is a narcissistic belief in one's own abilities or attractiveness to others.

The name Sueko is derived from its sub-type Suezo, replacing the last syllable with -ko, a common ending in female Japanese names.


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 1 Vanity "This monster cares only for the way she looks." Vanity MR1 (2)
Monster Rancher 2 Vanity "This name was given to it by Dr. Maccots when he found it." Vanity
Monster Rancher 4 Sueko "The prism that floats before the Sueko's eyes is its jam-packed schedule. Everyone praises it for keeping so busy, but really it's just disorganized." Sueko MR4
Monster Rancher EVO Sueko "The prism floating before the eyes of the Sueko is filled with schedules for the coming days. Because of that, people think it very organized, but it is just forgetful." Sueko MREvo
Monster Rancher Advance Vanity N/A Vanity MRA
Monster Farm DS Sueko
Monster Rancher DS Sueko "The prism floating in front of Sueko contains its schedule. Everyone says how together Sueko is, but it's actually a total flake." Sueko MRDS
My Monster Rancher Sueko "Its genetics make it look like a lovely yellow butterfly. It loves to play little pranks and is actually very good at surprising people." Sueko MMR

Obtaining Edit

  • To obtain a Vanity in Monster Rancher 1, use the CDs Jingle Cats: Meowy Christmas or Shania Twain - The Woman In Me.
  • To obtain a Vanity in Monster Rancher 2, use either the PSX game Playstation Interactive Disc Sampler Volume 8 or the CD Final Fantasy X Soundtrack - Original Sound Version (Disc 1).
  • To obtain a Sueko in Monster Rancher 4, use the PS1 games Tomb Raider 3 and Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, or the PS2 games Chessmaster or Sly Cooper (Demo Disc).
  • To obtain a Sueko in Monster Rancher EVO, use the DVDs Yu Yu Hakusho: Seven Ways To Die or Dances with Wolves.
  • To obtain a Vanity in Monster Rancher Advance, use the password DOA2.
  • To obtain a Sueko in Monster Farm DS, use
  • To obtain a Sueko in Monster Rancher DS, use
  • To obtain a Sueko in My Monster Rancher, use


For more pictures and screenshots of Vanity, click here.

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