Role Medical
Origin Monster Rancher Advance 2
Home Aspia
Game(s) Monster Rancher Advance 2

Monster Rancher 4

Talt is a famous monster veterinarian from Age Island who works at the hospital but also makes house calls in Monster Rancher Advance 2. There is a storyline involving a Pixie whispering a special password to Talt during one of her checkups to allow you to get Carmilla.

In Monster Rancher 4, Talt comes to your ranch in Togle on her travels across the world, researching monster health. She reveales that she was originally a breeder raising a female Mocchi, but when it tragically died she decided to help monsters who were sick.

Monsters OwnedEdit

Debut Name Monster Description
Before Monster Rancher 4 Mochina Mocchi Shown in flahsback, but never used in the game.


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