Tanmarin MR4

Originally, this imp monster had a dolphin-like tail and orange spines at the ends of its ears, but eventually took on a more Lesione-like appearance, with the beady eyes and the dewdrop-shaped head crest. Both versions carry a small trident. When it appears in Monster Rancher 3 under the name Oltan (a game that does not allow combining), it is impossible to determine its actual sub-type. Instead, monsters are classified according to where they live. Oltans live in the ocean region known as Goat.

Etymology Edit

A combination of the words Gitan and marine.


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 3 Oltan (Goat) "I've no idea what it is thinking, but it does have cute eyes. Careful, if you let your guard down near it you're liable to get poked!" Tanmarin MR3
Monster Rancher 4 Tanmarin (Lesione) "It loves to swim and spends practically the whole year through in the water. Like a dolphin, it has the ability to use ultrasonic waves to communicate."
Monster Rancher EVO Tanmarin (Lesione) "A monster that loves to swim, and even though it can fly it spends most of its time underwater. It is said that it has the ability to communicate with ultrasonic waves." Tanmarin MREvo


  • To obtain an Oltan in Monster Rancher 3, use
  • To obtain a Tanmarin in Monster Rancher 4, use
  • To obtain a Tanmarin in Monster Rancher EVO, use

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