Role Breeder
Origin Monster Rancher 3
Home Morx Forest
Game(s) Monster Rancher 3

Taz is a little boy from Morx who steals all the mushrooms from around the Frant's Tree in Monster Rancher 3, making it hard for you and Fleria to continue training there. You later discover that he is Mosha's nephew, and loves to come to the tree to let his Beaclon feed. When he sees you training in his "spot," he becomes jealous and starts causing trouble for you. Mosha kindly returns the mushrooms, and tells Taz to leave you alone. He apologizes and gives you some Tonburi sap he's collected as a present.

Later, you face him in tournaments with his other Beaclon.

Monsters OwnedEdit

Debut Name Monster Description
Monster Rancher 3 Darnabus Beaclon Used in your original meeting.
Monster Rancher 3 Mellencamp Scorpi

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