Role Rival
Origin Monster Rancher 4
Home Torble
Game(s) Monster Rancher 4

TeeTee is a washed-up FIMBA breeder who used to be famous, but she is still proud and dresses rather scandalously. She is your main antagonist in Monster Rancher 4 and owns a rare breed of Hare called Kelarino (which is non-playable and in none of the other games).

As the game progresses, you realize that she is working for Wit (out of an assumed attraction for him) and is present during Xevion's reincarnation at the Kawrea Volcano. After Xevion's defeat she is rescued by Suzaku.

Monsters OwnedEdit

Debut Name Monster Description
Monster Rancher 4 Kelarino Kelarino Used against you at your Ranch after Philia comes to visit you and as an opponent in the Official D Battle.
Monster Rancher 4 Karbadge DeviMadillo Used against you at your Ranch after Philia comes to visit you.

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