A small, robotic monster created by the ancients to be used as traffic signals. They modeled them after the Color Pandora so that they would be more in sync with one another.

Etymology Edit

So-named because the word tetra means "four" and its body has four sides.


Game Description Image
Monster Rancher 4 "Long ago people admired the Color Pandora's teamwork and created the Tetra. We didn't know the Color Pandora had been around so long until this Tetra was rediscovered."
Monster Farm DS Tetra MFDS
Monster Rancher DS "Tetra was modeled after Color Pandora by the ancients, who were impressed with its teamwork. The discovery of this treasure proves that Color Pandora have been around for ages." Tetra MRDS
My Monster Rancher "Because the three individual units have shiny yellow, green and red eyes respectively, their eyes are often used for signaling. It is punctual and efficient in all tasks." Tetra MMR


  • To obtain a Tetra in Monster Rancher 4, use
  • To obtain a Tetra in Monster Farm DS, use
  • To obtain a Tetra in Monster Rancher DS, combine a Color Pandora (main) and a Hangar (sub).
  • To obtain a Tetra in My Monster Rancher, use

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