Cpt. Horn's Ship
Captain Horn enters into the Searchers' lives in Episode 15 of the anime series, when his ship comes to dock in the port of Polo. Expecting an attack from Moo's forces, he orders his Rockies to fire the cannons at anyone on shore. Apparently it has been a while since they've been in town, since they find the place deserted.

The Jolly Roger is instrumental in getting the Searchers from Bubalook Island over the Northern Continent so that they can continue to search for the Phoenix. However, Horn insists that they win a card game first. Despite the fact that he cheats, Suezo beats him and he allows them on board.

While crossing the Torble Sea, they face off against the Zillas and encounter a massive whirlpool.

Later, in Season 3, the Searchers find out that The Jolly Roger has become haunted by Ghosts, and has sailed off on its own, leaving Horn very upset. They all agree to help him get it back, and together they fight off the Ghosts. In thanks, Horn gives them a ride around the coast of Bubalook to where their next tournament is held.

The ship itself is very large, boasts a number of cannons and a flag with a Suezo skull and crossbones on it. The figurehead is that of a large Horn.


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