The Searchers

The Searchers (sometimes referred to as the "Courageous Seven") are the main group of heroes in the Monster Rancher anime series. They travel across Pangaea in search of the mystery disc that contains the Phoenix, fighting Moo's baddies along the way. The group consists of:

  • Genki Sakura: A young boy from Earth who transfers worlds through the use of a video game.
  • Holly: A young Tochikan girl who has the power to control the magic stone.
  • Suezo: Unlocked by Holly when she is a little girl.
  • Mocchi: Unlocked by Genki from his Monster Rancher video game.
  • Golem: Met by the Searchers when they seek shelter inside his fortress.
  • Tiger: Met by the Searchers when he and his band of thieves try to steal from them.
  • Hare: Met the Searchers at a Monster Battle tournament.

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