Torble 2

No matter where you come from in Pangaea, everyone knows of the port city of Torble. It is the biggest coastal city on Bubalook Island, home to Torble University. The surrounding Torble Sea is an area that is used for errantries in Monster Rancher 2 (level bosses include Bloody Eye, Silver Face and Zilla King), and is the only known home of the Colossal Crab. In Monster Rancher DS, you can unlock an event to get Beaclon on the coastline of Torble. This is also where most of the fish and other seafood items come from.

Much of the city is covered in canals, so docks, boats and gondolas are common. There are only a few main roads in the city, so aquatic monsters feel very at home here. There have also been more than one instance of shark attacks off the coast.

In Episode 50 of the anime series, Holly states that Torble is the largest city on the continent, and is where the Legend Cup is being held that year.


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