Tory Ruins Gate
The Tory Temple is a ruins that you can explore in Monster Rancher Battle Card. It is a multi-level ancient Japanese fortress, and while the lower levels are made of stone and extend deep into the earth, the upper levels are made of wood and look like old Japanese-style architecture, with sliding doors, benches for sitting and high, sloping roofs.

The Tory Temple is one of the few ruins on Aurora Island that has been thoroughly excavated and set up as a historical landmark. Adults are charged admission to enter, but children can get in for free, making it a great place to hold Battle Card tournaments. The lady in charge is secretly an ancient sorceress related to the Tochikan people.

In the game, exploring this location yields the Golem card, after you get it back from Chunk, who secretly snuck into the ruins and stole it from the sorceress.

The Temple is probably a reference to Golem's Fortress from the anime series, but because its location on the map doesn't fit with the travel plan on the show, it cannot be the same place. This is one of the battle locations in My Monster Rancher, but is renamed the Tornado Temple Ruins.