Tri-Yak are hexopodal dung beetle-type monsters that seem to generate energy orbs that they carry around. They float above the ground until they are damaged and then seem to lose their power. Perhaps the orb has some kind of magnetic field that allows it to stay aloft?

Introduced in Monster Farm Lagoon as enemy monsters, they populate the halls of dark ruins where their energy gives off the only light. There is a chance that the ancient peoples harnessed their energy to run technology, possibly even Hengers. In the game, most seem to be best affected by earth-type attacks.

While at first it seems like they don't have any way to see, Tri-Yak actually have small eyes peeking out from their armor, one on each side of their heads. They also have a proboscis in the center of their faces.

Etymology Edit


Game Name Description Image
Monster Farm Lagoon Tri-Yak Non-Playable Enemy Monster Tri-Yak MFL


See here for a complete list of Tri-Yak Techniques.


For more pictures and screenshots of Tri-Yak, click here.

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