Tropical Ape
Tropical Ape / Pepe

A large green breed of Ape whose skin is tough like bamboo and has a large rafflesia-like flower growing around its neck. Just like the flower, this monster has a rotten stench about it. Not to be confused with a Momo sub-breed also called Pepe.

Etymology Edit

The name Pepe is a reference to Pepe Le Pew, a famous cartoon skunk created by Warner Bros. because they both emit terrible odors.

Later named because it prefers to live in tropical climates.

Its Japanese name is Raureshian (ラウレシアン).


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 1 Pepe "He will emit a potent and intoxicating scent to foes." Tropical Ape MR1
Monster Rancher 2 Tropical Ape "This monster sprays a scent that decreases fighting spirits." Tropical Ape MR2


  • To obtain a Pepe in Monster Rancher 1, use
  • To obtain a Tropical Ape in Monster Rancher 2, use the CDs DC Talk - Jesus Freak, Christina Aguilera - Genie in a Bottle, or Batman Forever Soundtrack.

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