Jelly Worm
Jelly Worm / Tubby

A medium-sized breed of Worm that is one of the only types that can survive in water. Its jelly body is encased in a thick outer layer that still gives it elasticity but keeps its insides from oozing out. One must be careful though because this porous membrane makes it more susceptible to poisons, allowing it to absorb them on contact through the skin.

Etymology Edit

Originally named for its flabby body.

Later named for its jelly body. Its name in Japanese is


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 1 Tubby "Its flabby appearance makes it so lovable." Jelly Worm MR1
Monster Rancher 2 Jelly Worm "Its flabby body cushions against its enemy's attacks." Jelly Worm MR2


  • To obtain a Tubby in Monster Rancher 1, combine a Worm with any Jell.
  • To obtain a Jelly Worm in Monster Rancher 2, use

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