Vizley's symbol
is the largest city on Age Island, and thus the capital. It is right on the coast (in fact, the city is on a peninsula split by an inlet), and is home to the famous Elives School. While the flatland part of the city is a bustling metropolis, the hills surrounding it are known for their beautiful vineyards. Vizley produces at least two-thirds of the grapes exported from Age each year.

Vizely's stadium is an amazing piece of high-tech machinery. It floats in the air above a waterfall, using the water pressure to stay aloft. Opponents stand on platforms on opposite sides and are raised up to the arena by the same force.

Vizley is known for producing long monster lifespans. Currently, people are investigating whether this is because of the warm and comfortable climate, or the result of regenerating a monster in this town.
-"Vizley's Monsters" MR4


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