Woo 1
Role Villain
Origin Monster Rancher EVO
Home Warp
Game(s) Monster Rancher EVO

Woo is the royal viseer to the King and Queen of Warp. You first meet him at the geonyte plant in Grabad, sabotaging the flow of geonyte and causing an uproar in the city by funding a new munitions factory. He hopes that this will cause a war between the peoples of Pangaea, but when that doesn't pan out he settles for overloading the plant and causing an OggleMock to attack you.

Woo shows up several other times, and each time makes it very clear that he hates humans. He continues to advise King Dilong to go to war, but in the end it is discovered that he is only serving a personal agenda. Woo ultimately believes that the world is a greedy and evil place, and refuses to see that there is hope in the future. After he uses Moo against you and fails, he throws himself off of the battle platform, into the black hole of the Warp Dimension.

Woo must belong to some sort of secondary race in the world of Warp, because unlike the slender, silver-haired people from that world, Woo is hunched and green and looks almost scaly. His horrible posture doesn't stop him from being able to leap a great distance, though.


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