A powerful, humanoid monster breed that first appears in Monster Farm DS. It seems that combinations with Xenon as the sub-breed release the goodness within the new sub-species, and thus they are usually snow-white incarnations. Though not much is known about them at this point, Xenons seem to be the antithesis of the evil Abyss species. They have a connection with the cosmos, while the Abyss have a connection to chaos.

The main villain of Monster Rancher 4 is a skeletal monster called Xevion which could be an early version of this species. He has several forms, one that involves battle armor. This adds to the idea that Xenons can transform into a more armored form, or mode.



Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 4 Xevion No basic Xenon breed exists, but the main boss monster Xevion could be related. Ultimate Xevion 2
Monster Farm DS Xenon
Monster Rancher DS Xenon Xenon MRDS
My Monster Rancher


"It is a legendary monster which appears in many myths. Its true power is not yet known, but it is rumored to stem from a divine bloodline, giving it the power of a god." Xenon MMR


  • To obtain a Xenon in Monster Farm DS, use
  • To obtain a Xenon in Monster Rancher DS, you must reach Rank A and raise your monster to Class A. Take it on the Erranty to the Promiass Ruins. There are three hallways in the north of the map. The 1st and 3rd of these hallways each have a King's Crest. Get these two items and head toward the room in the SE where a very strong Xenon will be waiting for you. Defeat it and it will join the two items into the King's Proof for combining.
  • To obtain a Xenon in My Monster Rancher, use


See here for a complete list of Xenon Techniques.


For more pictures and screenshots of Xenon, click here.

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