A list of all the Zan techniques throughout the games.

Name Type Effect/Damage Guts Hit Rate Range Description

Monster Rancher 3Edit

Far Sight INT Despair 30 41-48% Any Requires Jade Orb
Double Somersault POW 30-36 21 36% Close Requires Aurora Bit
Rising Rave POW 40-46 42 51% Close Requires Flare Stone
Single Shot POW 12-15 10 48% Close Requires Jade Bit
Leg Arc POW Wince / 10 13 44-51% Close Requires Aqua Bit
Reverse Raid POW 32-39 39 62% Mid Requires Jade Stone
Sonic Knife POW 17 18 56-63% Mid Requires Flare Bit
Assault Dance POW 27 24 48-57% Mid Requires Flare Orb
Meteor Dive POW 48 35 32-37% Far Requires Aurora Stone
Axes Ballet POW 47-56 50 45% Far Requires Aqua Stone
Stunner Blitz INT Stun / 16-22 22 51% Far Requires Aurora Orb
Mirage Shift POW -- 5-1 100% Far Requires Aqua Orb. Guts needed drops 1 with each level. Changes all techniques in Far range to Near range.

Monster Rancher 4Edit

Caution INT Caution 30 D Any
Somersault POW B 21 D Close Can be effected by Element
Rising Rave POW B 42 A Close
Nail Slash POW C 18 A Close Can be effected by Element
Leg Arc POW C 13 B Mid Can be effected by Element
Reverse Raid POW B 39 A Mid
Stab POW C 10 C Mid Can be effected by Element
Tempest POW B 24 A Mid Can be effected by Element
Dive Attack POW S 35 C Far Can be effected by Element
Tri-Assault POW S 50 C Far
Stunner INT Palsy / C 22 C Far
Group Group

Monster Rancher EVOEdit

Mirage Shift Support Dodge 4 -- Any Requires 500 Anima to use
Somersault POW B 17 B Close --> Rising Rave. Requires 800 Anima to use.
Rising Rave POW S 17 B Close Requires 2000 Anima to use
Nail Slash POW B 14 A Close --> Reverse Raid
Reverse Raid POW A 14 S Close Requires 2200 Anima to use
Stab POW B 19 C Far --> Tri-Assault
Dive Attack POW B 15 C Far --> Tempest. Requires 700 Anima to use.
Tempest POW A 15 C Far Requires 2100 Anima to use
Caution INT Anger 7 S Far Requires 1000 Anima to use
Tri-Assault POW B 19 B Far Requires 2300 Anima to use
Stunner INT Paralyze / E 13 S Far Requires 1700 Anima to use

Monster Rancher AdvanceEdit

Somersault POW B C C 21 18 16 D E E Any
Rising Rave POW S A A 42 36 32 C D E Any
Nail Slash POW D D D 22 19 16 S S B Any
Leg Arc POW Wince / D D E 17 14 13 D D E Any
Stab POW D E E 12 10 9 C D D Any
Tempest POW


28 24 20 C C D Any
Caution INT Dodge 37 32 27 B B B Any Raises Speed.
Dive Attack POW Stagger / S A A 44 40 35 D D D Any
Tri-Assault POW S A A 63 58 50 C C C Any
Stunner INT Stun / D D D 38 35 30 A A A Any

Monster Rancher Advance 2Edit

Somersault POW B 21 D Close Requires 300 Pow. Learned in Power.
Rising Rave POW S 42 C Close Requires 600 Pow. Learned in Power.
Leg Arc POW D 17 D Close Requires 300 Pow.
Stab POW D 12 C Close Requires 300 Pow.
Nail Slash POW D 19 S Mid Requires 400 Spd. Learned in Speed.
Tempest POW C 24 C Mid Requires 500 Spd. Learned in Speed.
Caution INT Caution 32 B Mid Requires 500 Def. Learned in Tough.
Dive Attack POW Addled / A 35 D Far Requires 400 Pow. Learned in Power.
Tri-Assault POW B 50 C Far Requires 500 Acc. Learned in Technic.
Stunner INT Volt Shock / D 24 A Far Requires 400 Int. Learned in Sense.

Monster Farm DSEdit

Monster Rancher DSEdit

Caution 24 All Restores Guts. Learned on Kawrea.
Nail Slash POW 30 Close
Leg Arc POW 20 Close
Stab POW 20 Close
Somersault POW 60 Mid
Rising Rave POW 24 Mid
Tempest INT 30 Mid
Reverse Raid INT 45 Far
Dive Attack INT 45 Far
Tri-Assault INT 24 Far
Stunner POW 45 Far

My Monster RancherEdit

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