Zillas are large monsters that resemble furry, humanoid whales and are exclusive to Monster Rancher 2 (although the Zilla Card also appears in Monster Rancher Battlecard). Like many of the other aquatic monsters in the game, they can only be unlocked after first getting an Undine. They are hulking creatures specializing in extreme power while sacrificing speed. Zillas function much better in the water than on land, but can still cause massive damage when they come ashore.

Zilla was one of the few known monsters set to be released in a game called Monster Farm Jamboree for the Nintendo DS, and was featured in some of the marketing before the game was shelved.

Etymology Edit

The name Zilla may be a reference to Godzilla, whose original Japanese name means "gorilla whale." Coincidentally, Zillas in Monster Rancher fit that description almost perfectly. Its Japanese name is Gujira (グジラ).


Game Description Image
Monster Rancher 2 "Few trainers keep it because it is a glutton and is too big." Zilla MR2
Monster Rancher Battle Card 2 For more info, see Zilla Cards. Zilla
Collector's Cards "A member of the evil monsters. He is commanded by Gali, one of the Big Bad Four, to attack Genki's group and stop them from getting on board Horn's ship. This leads to a fierce showdown with Golem." Zilla Card
Anime Series For the character, see Zilla Troops.


  • To obtain a Zilla in Monster Rancher 2, first unlock Undine. Get to Rank 6, and send a B Class monster (or higher) on the Skill Errantry. Errow will warn you of a large water monster, and from then on, you have a chance of facing it any time you go on this errantry. At some point, Zilla King will attack, and you must beat him to get the "Zilla Beard". Use it in combining with any two monsters for Zilla. You can only get this item once, so be careful with it!
  • To obtain a Zilla Card in Monster Rancher Battle Card 2, use


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